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June Bike Barn Ride

    With the first RUCT recreational ride of the summer completed, most of us who attended can say that the 5 a.m.-ish pestering of the alarm wasn’t so rude after all.  I met most of the riders over by the Rice bike track at 6 a.m. where Amanda, Christine, and I car pooled in Justin’s truck while David followed in his own car.  The forty five minute Sunday drive to Waller, TX was naturally free of traffic.  After arriving at the designated parking lot, Peter and Willie found us.  The ride was supported by Bike Barn which means that they had a group of people providing necessary bike parts, services, and refreshments to the 50 or so riders that showed up.  Justin took advantage of that and quickly replaced one of his tire tubes before the start of the ride and then replaced it again after it had exploded 3 seconds later (LOL). 
      After everyone was set, we began the ride that winded through the rural area.  Peter, Willie, David, Justin, and Christine stuck together while I rode with Amanda.  The road was smooth and had some very mild gains which made the ride pretty relaxing.  The heat wasn’t too bad because it was a cloudy and slightly breezy.  Even though a couple of us made wrong turns throughout, it was easy enough to get back on track with the maps that Bike Barn had provided.  After 25 miles, all of us took a ten minute break at the tent that Bike Barn had loaded with all sorts of chocolaty, salty, nutty, fruity, liquidy, and not to mention FREE goodness.  Once rested, I took the rest of the 30 mile route with Amanda while the others rode out the 50 miler.  This was the best part as far as scenery goes.  We saw sandy tan and brown horses snacking along wooden fences, cute black and white kittens laying out by the side of the road, and lush green pasturelands with large watering holes. 
     Amanda and I got back to the truck early and waited about half an hour for everyone else to come back.  We said see you later to David, Peter, and Willie who left after the ride.  I had to mention something about smoothies to Amanda which launched us into an after ride crave-quest to Jack in the Box to get some of their delicious new summertime treats with Christine and Justin who bought lunch there.  We hung out for a while and then drove back to Rice.  Everyone is excited for the next Bike Barn sponsored ride in July, and I already have my alarm set.

Bike Barn Ride