The following is a list of races that the club has chosen to sponsor. All members must sign up by themselves, and after the race, dues-paying members will receive a partial reimbursement of their registration fees. The amount reimbursed will depend on the number of members signed up for each race. The reimbursement amount will not exceed the lowest (earliest) registration cost that was available for a race, as typically, registration costs increase towards the date of the race.

Fall 2017 Triathlons

September 4:  Towne Lake Triathlon (sprint & olympic) Cancelled due to Hurricane Harvey :(

October 8:  Kemah Triathlon (sprint & olympic)

October 15:  Andy's Tri (super-sprint)

November 5: Oilman Half Ironman (Half Ironman)

Fall 2017 Cycling

September 3-4:  Camp Eagle (MTB)

September 9-10:  Flat Rock Ranch (MTB)

September 24:  Millican Reserve XC Race (MTB)

September 30-Oct 1:  Big Ring Classic (MTB)

October 14-15:  HTXCX 1 & 2 (Cyclocross)

October 21-22:  Bike Around the Bay (NOT a race)

November 11:  HTXCX 5 (Cyclocross)

December 2-3:  HTXCX 7 & 8 (Cyclocross)

December 16-17:  HTXCXChamp (Cyclocross)

Other/Future Events

January 14th: Chevron Houston Marathon and Aramco Half Marathon
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