Rice National Collegiate Challenge Results

Great job team!  Below are our results so far.  This will be updated weekly, so keep checking to see if you've reached your goal.

We made it!  We're finished with our first month of the challenge and we surpassed our goal of swimming 50 miles in a month.  Collectively we swam 66.84 miles! 

Our leaders for the swim session challenge were:
  1. Shea Thompson: 18.00 miles
  2. Brad Henicke:      13.48 miles
  3. David Kao:            11.62 miles
Congratulations Shea! 

Remember, January is the bike session of the challenge, and I know we can really excel in this area! 

Keep up the good work.  You can also check our progress on the USAT website: http://www.race-tracker.net/usat/standings_combined.cfm.


"I train as a means to an objective, and that objective is to race faster the next time than I did the last time."
- Karen Smyers, Professional Triathlete