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Bicycle Order Participation Policy

Buying a bicycle is a large investment and Rice Cycling & Triathlon is fortunate to sponsors who supply us with bicycles at hefty discount. In order to prevent abuse of this discount and not violate the trust of our sponsors we have the following procedure for "earning" the full discount through participation:

10 Participation points -- points can be earned through attending RUCT organized events such as
  • General Meetings
  • Group Rides
  • Charity Rides (as part of Rice Club)
  • RUCT Clinics (Swim, run, bicycle maintenance, etc.)
  • Collegiate Div. Races (either as a participant or volunteer)
  • Bike/Run/Swim Practices*
*Practices regrettably do NOT include Master's Swim, Kenyan Way, or College Beer Bike Practice

If by order deadline, you have not accumulated 10 points, you will deposit with RUCT a check with value equal to half of the RUCT discount. Payment for the bicycle occurs directly with Bike Barn at the time of pick up. If the 10 points threshold is not met before the graduation ceremony of that academic year, the deposit will be cashed.

RUCT members who have participated actively in previous years may be able to waive this requirement, but will be considered on a case by case basis.

Please note that this constraint applies only to our bicycle order.